Mila Ghilardi PortraitMila Ghilardi PortraitMila Ghilardi PortraitMila Ghilardi PortraitMila Ghilardi PortraitMila Ghilardi Portrait


Mila Ghilardi graduated from the Art department of the University of Plovdiv with a degree in Synthetic Stage Strategies. She has a European Master Degree in Audiovisual Management, Media Business School, Spain.

For more than twenty years Mila has been actively present and has taken a significant part in the cutting edge transitions within the Bulgarian performing art scene. Mila has been a member of Theatre Laboratory 4XC, one of the first independent private theatres in Sofia.

She is co-founder of Brain Store Project-creative concept store, an artistic foundation for performing and interdisciplinary actions. Mila has been shareholder in Odavision Film Company, where she has co-produced a number of audiovisual projects.

Mila has studied at the National Choreography School and she has been the first Bulgarian, awarded with the scholarship program Dance WEB, within ImpulseTanz Festival, Vienna.

Mila has co-created and performed with some of the most notable contemporary choreographers and directors nowadays as, Masaki Iwana (White Booth), Thomas Richards (Work center of Thomas Richards and Jerzy Grotowski, Pontedera), Thomas Lehmen, Alan Good, Xavier Leroy, Thomas Plischke&Kattrin Deufert, Maren Strack, Ivo Dimchev, BLESS design studio, Public Art Lab. and others. She has number of titles as an actress in feature films as well.

Brain store project

Brain store project – creative concepts´ store was founded in January 2004 by the performing artists Willy Prager, Mila Ghilardi, Stefan A. Shtereff, and the designer Neli Mitewa. Based on their common work and the realization of own and co-productions with local and international artists, the initiators of brain store project decided to collaborate in the search of a contemporary interdisciplinary language.

Brain Store Project gives a platform for:

  • Creating and producing of own artistic projects in the field of performing and visual arts, fashion design and their boundary forms;
  • Developing of a partnership network with Bulgarian and international independent artists, practitioners and theoreticians, artistic groups, organizations and institutions;
  • Initiation and presentation of common and another’s productions;
  • Building up of an alternative educational program for artists and practitioners: workshops, lectures, research projects etc.;
  • Creative exchange of ideas and points of view;
  • Research of artistic processes and practices.

The core of the project plans and actions of brain store project are artistic interventions, leaving besides the halls predetermined for art presentation and involving the “everyday-audience” into an spontaneous cultural context.

With its politics of openness and sociability towards collaborations with contemporary artists, brain store project aims the building of partnership networks of personalities, groups and institutions.

The traced out and already started program for alternative education in the field of contemporary performing arts wants to achieve the enlargement of the knowledge of artists of the young generation.

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