Irresistible/Reconstruction Scene


Visual Interactive Installation

Idea and Concept
Mila Ghilardi

The Project

It is basic for the project to establish reciprocal artistic relations. The research phase will be the first step towards the creation. I will work with the other artists on a conceptualized structure, where a short story about a woman and her mysterious encounter will be the ground floor to create a physical and visual material.

Irresistible/Reconstruction will be composed in three content parts:

  • BODY
  • CITY
  • LOVE

The Story

One late evening Ada will meet Him. In this encounter, time and places dissolve for her. Ada’s future is His love. But will she has the strength to embrace it. A psychological story about Ada, who forgets her past and must believe strongly in the present, in order to gain the future.

First Phase

In this research work we will structure all dramaturgically active pieces that will be connecting tool and important means of expression for the whole installation. In their special structure and execution, the resulting pieces process recognizably the elements, which will be found in collaborative artistic research. Each visual piece consists entity of idea, content and form.

Within the development of the structure of Irresistible/Reconstruction, the materials will be collected, synchronized and structured as choreographic systems in a sense of communicative, auto poetic tools, as well as visual and sound material, explored by the artists. The material will be the reflective, communicative means of expression. In the laboratory way of research, the artistic structure will be influenced by the idea itself. It will be transposed into different cultural contexts and vice versa how the context applying itself to the idea.

In Irresistible/Reconstruction all aspects are combined: reciprocity, encounter with the potential of the unknown, diversity generating serial structure, application and variation of one idea in different contexts. In this First Phase the structure will be in an open process, where the actual potential of a joint creation will be worth.

Second Phase

The visual material will be done and ready to be explored and after exhibit in the proper format for the exhibition space.

In part BODY, the process will follow the development of the story from very intimate and personal body approach. It will be the dance of the total physical experience, where the audience will be challenged by images, that will be transformable, unfinished, interactively asking for their input.

In part CITY, the visual story will continue with interactions with the real city environment/ street, bar, house where the figure of the main character will be architecturally and thematically changing these places for a while, with its own presence there. Here the material will have the touch of the reality and will challenge the spectators with familiar places, but differently reflected on our imaginary CITY MAP.

In part LOVE the audience will experience the short encounter of the main character with one that will change her, challenge her, and make her dreams real for a while. We will try to get the very fragile and almost untouchable moment that can be lost very easy, because of fear to change and to follow ourselves.

Irresistible/Reconstruction will be unique visual creation, dealing with one of the most fundamental questions about the Love, the Loneliness, the power of the will to Dream and Change our World.

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