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Art Curator
Mila Ghilardi

VIA STUDIOS is a travelling art platform.

VIA STUDIOS is a mobile art communication tool.

VIA STUDIOS is a temporary art space for innovative creators.

VIA STUDIOS consists of three main modules:

The Visual Studio is an exhibition space for visual art, multimedia, light and sound art projects, design and new technology, video projections.

The Action Studio is a performing space for contemporary theatre, dance performances, live concerts and interactive installations.

The Ideal Studio is a workshop space, art kitchen, on-line studio and temporal archive.


Dislocation, mobility, networks, fine arts, visual arts, media arts, performances, urban interventions, cooperation, discussion.

Curatorial statement:

The choice of the suggested program for VIA Studios is based on the intention to present projects in which the artists contextualize the theme of  diverse identity constantly relocating and re-defining it. Considering the specific nature of VIA Studios, the accents in the selected projects are put on themes treating the relations of the artists with the urban environment.  The temporal art studios are a tool for artistic research and new audience. Challenging the interdisciplinary of the different artistic practices as media/art, net-art, performances, installations, interventions, we are aiming to create a unique expression. The interaction of the visitors is an important issue for the artistic approach.

Ihtiman, Radomir and Samokov are turned into a point of attraction for local and guest artists with nomadic life and art style who dare to go beyond the stereotypes and have the will to create a new artistic and cultural framework.

We believe that VIA Studios is a meeting point of new artistic positions, encouraging the reflexion and debating on our own relation to culture.

VIA Studios

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