±359 TOPOLOGY Scene


Performative Installation

Kattrin Deufert
Thomas Plischke
Brain Store Project
Iva Sveshtarova
Neli Mitewa
Willy Prager
Stephan. A Shtereff
Mila Ghilardi
Boyan Manchev
Maja Stefanova
Goethe Institut Bulgarien
Brain Store Project (Sofia)
Kattrin Deufert
Thomas Plischke

±359 TOPOLOGY invites you to examine it as a collection of collections. Each element of the installation is in itself a collection of memories, facts and desires. They all connect to the other elements without exhibiting this connection, but rather by inviting you to be active. To construct the relation, to draw the connecting lines. And when you come back the collection will have changed by the traces of all the active passengers. The performance of the installation creates the installation. And what emerges is not pre-fixed. ±359 TOPOLOGY is a room of EMERGENCY.

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