Mobile Studios

Concept and Realisation
Public Art Lab

Mobile Studios is an interdisciplinary project of Public Art Lab, Berlin. From April until the end of May 2006, the Mobile Studios travel as a nomadic multimedia platform from Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade to Sofia, and will temporarily possess the urban spaces in these cities. The Mobile Studios are an internationally networked pilot project of a mobile, autonomous production laboratory for young artists, musicians, performers and cultural programmers. In a subsequent program, artists and cultural producers will be invited to recreate the studio as directors. Mobile Studios are consisting of three corresponding units: the Editorial-, the Talk- and the Live Studio.

The installations and urban interventions that take place in the Live Studio, as well as the conversations and discussions of the Talk Studios, will be transformed and broadcast in the Editorial Studio in various formats. The production and broadcast processes will be made visible at the same time.

Mobile Studios travel like a nomadic community through different landscapes. Economic, political, cultural, social and digital layers are experienced by the currency, frontier, goods and habits and the welcome message on the cell phone. Once they arrive in the city their mobile structure provides the possibility to be installed in different urban settings.

The Mobile Studios – a European project by Public Art Lab

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