Prager Strasse ScenePrager Strasse ScenePrager Strasse ScenePrager Strasse Scene

Prager Strasse

Manipulative Performance

Willy Prager
Dramaturgy and Visual Surrounding
Brain Store Project
Costume Adviser
Neli Mitewa
Mila Ghilardi
Stephan A. Shtereff
Neli Mitewa
Stoyan Nikolov
Goethe Institut-Sofia
Swiss Cultural Programe in Bulgaria
Dance WEB
National Cultural Fund of the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture

“Everyone has its own place, own house, own town. I have my street – Prager Strasse.”

Prager Strasse is a manipulative performance. Through the game between the multimedia and everyday realities a new fiction world is achieved, with new own borders and rules.

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