Sofia SP/Science is Fiction SceneSofia SP/Science is Fiction SceneSofia SP/Science is Fiction SceneSofia SP/Science is Fiction Scene

Sofia SP/Science is Fiction

Kattrin Deufert
Thomas Plischke
Mila Ghilardi
Willy Prager
Greta Gancheva
Maya Stefanova
Goethe Institut-Sofia

Theater is Fiction

On the stage of Theatre Lab “SFUMATO” there are some cardboard boxes. Greta Gancheva, Mila Ghilardi and Willy Prager are presented to viewers as A, B, C and tell them that they are on the Sofia / SP station. Passengers have to remain calm. This is a scientific and cultural experiment. Just a Science-Fiction performance.

Maya Stefanova shows on a video wall the translation of their words in English, after asking the viewers to set their watches right with her own. The next performance is scheduled for Belgrade.

The action is set in 2468; the Earth has suffered a major cataclysm in 2007, so A, B, C have to excavate the remnant memories of human life of people on various places such as Station Sofia / SP. The survey is conducted in cooperation with the Swiss Air Steel Knives without Borders or something alike and, loyal to their “sponsor”, A, B, C constantly remind that, while “unfreezing” fragments of individual statements of different people from the past.
Individual phrases and lines are quoted out of context and form a palimpsest accumulation of statements, which rarely attract our attention in everyday conversation. The result is that now we hear them and pay attention to them. For example, „That who cannot make normal art makes conceptual art ” or “See you. Know where. / What?/ Know what .” and the like.

This is an action both funny and ironically dismantling our experience. It turns upside down and alienates by the theatrical presentation fragments of behavior patterns, reflections on the nature art, ways of communication, media, work, politics, etc.
Such laboratories create much more serious prospects in the meaningfulness of the theatre than those staging „serious art”…

Violeta Decheva (Kultura, newspaper)

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