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Brain Store Project
Alan Good
Alan Good
Willy Prager
Mila Ghilardi
Stefan A. Shtereff
Dragana Alfirević
Costume Design
Neli Mitewa
The American Foundation
Soros Foundation

Stitch is a stage performance, both a physical examination and a journey in the inner world of five wanderer walking along the edge . The author is the American choreographer Alan Goode who worked for fifteen years with Merce Cunningham and John Cage and later as a free artist with contemporary European choreographers. Critics compare his performances in the company of Merce Cunningham with an “unstoppable force of nature” and “scenes from the martial arts movie.”

Stitch is a research of Alan Good, which he defines as an “anthropology of sarcasm.” The choreographer enriches the movements by studying their origins in everyday events and images. Starting from the techniques of Cage/Cunningham , Duchamp/Rauschenberg and the Judson School, he prepares the contractors for unknown and unexpected perceptions, challenges them to repeat movements and divide them into smaller fragments, encourages them to oppose their own doubts.

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